“All my life, I’ve gravitated to fantasy stories, stories I felt I could be a part of, where I could completely immerse myself in my imagination.” - Jacquitta A. McManus

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Talee and the Fallen Object
Author: Jacquitta A. McManus

Illustrators: Brian Hardison & Jacquitta A. McManus


(Ages 4-8)

One early Saturday morning, Talee has nothing to do. I mean nothing at all. So she eats a puffy muffin and decides to read one of her favorite books, Captain Jewel and the Lost City Treasure. Just when she’s about to start chapter three, out of the corner of her eye she sees a mail flyer drop something from a bag. It falls through the air and lands on one of the smaller floating landmasses surrounding her family’s home. A bag of treasure! She thinks as she looks out the window. But is it?


Talee and the Fallen Object is a great elementary school-aged children’s book, as it will transport kids to Talee’s world, as seen through her own eyes. She creates vivid images from beginning to end as her curiosity piques when she sees an object fall from the backpack of a mail flyer and journeys out to see what it is. Don’t miss this unique adventure.



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8-19-0216: The second book in the series, Talee and the Enchanted Flower is finished and edited. The only thing left is the illustrations. :)


11-09-16: I have a few illustrations of the book completed and they can be seen on my Instagram.


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Chapter One – Talee


Hello everyone! My name is Talee. It’s spelled T-A-L-E-E and it is pronounced (TAH-Lee).


I just came in from outside. The sun is out and the air feels warm. Can you feel it?


Today I want to tell you a story I wrote about one of my GREAT adventures.


It’s a real story. Really!


It happened a couple of weeks ago.


Oh, but first I should tell you about me.


The first thing you should know is that I’m eight.


Yep! Eight and I love to read and write—especially about great adventures. My favorites are treasure hunts.


My favorite colors are purple and yellow and I wear them every day. Right now I’m wearing my purple jumpsuit, yellow socks and purple boots with yellow on them. I love my boots.


My favorite food is wild puffy muffins–the yellow ones with the pink tops as big as my hand.


The puffier, the pinker, the bigger, the better is what I always say.


My mom makes them for me every weekend and they’re the best.




There’s nothing better than a wild puffy muffin for breakfast.


I live on the planet Gala. It’s a really cool place to live.


I think you’d like it here too.


It’s always warm and it doesn’t rain much, which is good since I don’t like rain. I don’t like being wet unless I’m going swimming. Then I don’t mind. But we don’t go swimming that much.


Gala has two moons; one is big and blue and one is small and white.


And both moons orbit together, so when you see one you see the other.


I love looking up at the sky and seeing the moons.


I call them wishing moons and every night I look out my window and make a wish before I go to bed.


I would tell you what my last wish was for, but then it might not come true so I’ll have to keep that a secret for now. But it was a really good wish.


To me Gala is the best planet ever. There’s so much amazing stuff here, like…the land floats.


Yep, floats.


Great, right?


When I look out my window I see lots of other floating landmasses just like the one I live on. Most of them are small and just have one house, a small yard and a house for Calpas on them.


Some of the big ones have tall buildings on them, but I don’t visit them much.


The ones that are too small for a house are left alone. My dad says they’re too small to build on. I guess that makes sense.


I suspect now you’re wondering what a Calpa is and how we get around if all the land floats in separate pieces.


That’s easy.


Calpas fly, and we ride on them.


Calpas are big friendly flying animals. The have large, pretty wings and they’re really cute. Everybody has at least one. Sometimes two. If the family is big they have three or even more.


We only have two but there are only three of us. I don’t have a brother or a sister. Sometimes I wish I did.


Our Calpas are named Bett and Ran.


Bett is yellow with gray feet and pink in her wings. Ran is gray and white and her wings also have pink in them.


And they’re big. I mean really big. They’re taller than me.


If I want to get on one of them I have to get them to lie down or use a ladder, but most times they just lie down and let me climb on when I ask.


I love riding a Calpa because I love flying.


I love it when they fly fast and the wind rushes by my face and pushes my hair back. It’s a great feeling.


But enough about me. Let’s get back to my great adventure.

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